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Ines Dahne-Steuber is a strategic healthcare business executive with over 20 years of expertise. Ines has established herself as the go-to person for successful change management as a Leader and Operational Strategist. Through her leadership, companies have been able to break free from old operating restrictions and rethink how they do business.

Guardant Health Announces Additions to Leadership Team: Ines Dahne-Steuber named as chief operating officer

Ines’ friends have always referred to her as an accidental executive because she has thrived in a C-Suite environment without initially seeking that path. Although Ines uniquely came into her career, she quickly realized she had found her calling. Ines is driven, competitive, and highly motivated in everything she does professionally and personally. She is an expert at stepping back to observe the bigger picture when problem-solving. She makes analytical decisions based on accumulated data, and she thrives in high-pressure roles. Her team members know her as a tough but fair leader who sets the bar of success and effort very high while leading by example and mentoring and encouraging others to succeed.

Ines Dahne-Steuber is also incredibly focused and passionate about the causes she supports. In her spare time, Ines is very active in philanthropy. She supports numerous ocean preservation initiatives and spends time with whales and dolphins while contributing to cetacean preservation research. Two other charities close to her heart are the Global Orphan Project and Real Hope for Haiti. These organizations work tirelessly to provide culturally applicable care and education for vulnerable and orphaned children throughout the country. Another beneficiary, Papillon Marketplace, was featured in the Netflix special, Poverty, Inc. This organization works to provide employment and skills training for women throughout Haiti.

Ines is inspired by making a tangible difference in people’s lives, either through her work in the Healthcare industry, as a leader nurturing her employees, or as an artist. She is someone who truly values the diversity and uniqueness in all living things. Ines has a rare perspective of the world, having lived and worked on three continents. She is fluent in six languages and has the innate ability to relate to every type of person, regardless of background or skill set. This is one of the reasons Ines is a perfect cross-department liaison, encouraging others to participate and collaborate to reach a united goal.

Ines seeks music, nature, and the ocean when she needs to recharge her soul. She is a hobbyist painter and photographer, and she values a healthy balance between life and work.

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